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Balance Pods

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  • The Spiky Balance Pods are a fun way to enhance your overall balance, core conditioning, flexibility and motor skills.
  • This set of two inflatable balance pods may be used flat side down for a moderate workout or simply flipped over and used pebbled side down for a tougher challenge.
  • Use the balance domes individually or step from one to another as required.
  • The spiky balance pods have proven effective in recovery from foot and ankle injuries but they may equally may be used as part of any existing exercise regime.
  • The two inflatable balance domes are supplied with an inflation pump. Simply inflate or deflate the pods to increase or decrease difficulty.
  • Includes free downloadable balance training ebook with exercise videos available from the manufacturer's website

Colour: Blue
Contents: 2x Balance Pods 1x Inflation Pump
Downloadable: Free Balance Training Ebook
Main Materials: PVC/ DPHoP