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15kg Morgan Ladies Cross Functional Fitness Olympic Barbell

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This is the perfect Cross Functional Fitness Style barbell for commercial gym/box use, a black zinc bar for maximum grip with harden chrome 4 x internal bearing sleeves so this bar can be dropped 1000's of times with confidence. 
Bar Length: 201cm
·         Center Knurling: No
.         Grip Knurling: Yes - Dual for both Olympic and Power lifting 
·         Weight: 15kg
·         Max Load: 600kg
·         Sleeve Rotation: 4 x ball bearing per sleeve + 1 brass bushing for quick/smooth rotation
·         Total Length: 201cm 
·        Shaft Diameter: 25mm  
·        Sleeve Diameter: 50mm 
·        Loadable Sleeve Length: 31.75cm
·        Shaft Coating: Black Zinc for maximum grip
·         Sleeve Coating: Hardened Chrome with grooves for maximum durability
.         Tensile strength (PSI): 200,000

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