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V2 Professional Focus Pads

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  • V2 Professional range
  • A forgiving curved striking area ensures that beginners through to advanced users are able to make the most of these pads
  • Elevated wrist wedge to provide the pad holder comfort and wrist protection whilst holding these pads
  • Extra wide wrist strap for a tight secure fit 
  • Perforated holes in the hand compartment ensures your hands stay dry, with an additional pull down flap attached to the glove. 
  • Solid gripping inner palm ball
  • Ultra soft, high rebound inner padding is ideal for long pad work sessions
  • Pad Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 5cm - Wrist wedge elevation is 3cm
Note: black/white pads have a large hand insert (designed for men) - black/pink pads have a medium size hand insert (designed for woman) 

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