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Morgan Endurance Foam Lined Pro XL Heavy Punch Bag

Regular price $395.00
  • 42cm X-Large diameter punch bag
  • 5cm thick inner foam lining for a lifelike impact .
  • Made in 7-layer G-14 Korean vinyl with canvas/webbing reinforcement
  • No hanging straps means no wearing of D-rings and bag always stays round (anti-sag bag)
  • Steel ring holds chains and swivel
  • 1 x tie down D-ring loop to make punch bag stationary (eliminate swinging)
  • Hand filled in Australia with a mixture of hard and soft material to create the perfect impact
  • Printed logos on the front and back of the bag (2 x full digital prints)
  • Ideal for personal home use or gym use
  • These bags are classed as HEAVY BAGS due to its X-Large 42cm diameter = minimal swinging and movement when being used
  • Swivel and chain supplied

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